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The Super Bowl will be the auto show

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mIKE-rOSCOPE vol 23 issue 08

by Mike Bernacchi, Professor of Marketing, University of Detroit

  -- The AUTO PLUS category (autos, auto related products & services) has ALWAYS been a star player in the lineup of SB ads.

Bernice Kanner (The SB of Advertising, 2004) recalls that such star brands as Dodge, Ford, Goodyear and Plymouth were part of SB I's starting team.  

SB I (1967) was telecast by both CBS AND NBC as they competed by ad rate differentials and for viewership #s. SB XLVII (2013) will be one of the AUTO PLUS' biggest SBs.

It literally will be wall to wall AUTO PLUS ads. Catch this with your SB sticky gloves, Hyundai will be KICKOFF SHOW's sponsor and, therefore, it will have the most treasured benefit-cost position of ALL SB advertisers.

This is so b/c while America anxiously waits for the game's start and b-4 the 1st "in game" SB ad appears here comes Hyundai with a SB ad± (w/o having to pay premium SB ad prices).

The game will feature at last count 9 AUTO BRANDS plus The POST GAME SHOW will be sponsored by Toyota and while we can find NO evidence of a Toyota MVP mobile being gifted, there WILL BE some kind of a vehicle given by someone. Finally, it has been rumored that Beyoncé (SB 2013's ½ time main performer) will be given a Corvette (, in its NAIAS issue).

This has significance b/c GM has made a bit of a media splash by telling all that it will NOT be a SB advertiser after being the games #3 ad spender over the last 10 yrs (Kantar) yet getting SB media attention. Not a bad pub gig if you can get it? Now, to the AUTO PLUS group and their SB ads.

AudiONE 60 sec spot, the first ad break after the kickoff. This yr's ad lets the consumers pick the final ending of the commercial from 3 different choices (They voted on 3 versions from 12 PM to 12 PM on Fri, Jan 25th). The winning ad will run on YouTube b-4 the game. According to its CEO, Mr Keogh, SB 2013's ad will NOT be as humorous as SB 2012's, but rather a tribute to Audi's brand (brandchannel).

Cars.comONE 30 sec spot. The teaser makes promises that SB 2013's ad won't be as surprising as last year's strange "singing-talking 2nd headed" ad. It was NOT liked by all viewers.

Chrysler – From Eminem to Clint Eastwood, from Made in Detroit to Halftime in America, this auto maker has strongly tied itself to Detroit. We shall wager that the ad will be at least another ONE MIN ad. Chrysler has done a good job keeping its SB ad mystery (

Fiat ONE 30 sec spot. Fiat released 5 commercials during the LA Auto Show and 1 of those 5 comm'ls will be a SB 2013 ad. Expectations include the Fiat 500 model and, perhaps even the Abarth version?

GM GM has announced that it will NOT have an "in game" SB 2013 ad b/c they are overpriced. We know, however, that GM will have a Pre Game SB ad. We, also, know that it has recently become a Manchester United sponsor. Man U is the most valuable sports team in the world ($3 B± according to Forbes). From football to "futbol"? (Perhaps, GM could not afford SB freight this year. This may even be more true if [as it is the rumored] that there is really a Beyoncé Corvette gift. If when added to GM'$ Pre G ad AND Man U's $pon$or$hip may spell HELP! Did we mention that GM is very interested in a global imprint these days?)

Hyundai's 2, 30 sec spots, feature Santa Fe & Genesis R-Spec. According to Mrtg VP, Steve Shannon, its SB ads will be tailored to the Hyundai brand (autoblog). Currently, Hyundai has announced that there will be 5 ads during SB 2013 (including 4 all-new spots. 2 of them are placed in the pre-game show & 2 in the game, I4UNews). "Epic PlayDate." "Team," "Stuck," "Excited,"  "Don't Tell" are their themes ( These ads relate to stories of heroes while relaying road tales of the reliability, memorability and enjoyment (I4UNEWS) of their Hyundais.

KiaONE 30 sec spot ad for its compact, Forte (3rd Q) & ONE 60 sec (4th Q) for the Sorento. This yr's storyline will be "Parental Challenge" ( The Kia Sorento has been the brand's best-selling auto for last 3 yrs. Kia's first teaser ad "Tight Space" has already made a "jaw-dropping" appearance. We shall look forward to its SB ad.

 Lincoln (Ford) – The Lincoln Car Co will air ONE 60-sec (for $8 M±) spot during the game. Lincoln just finished a 60-sec road-trip ad through San Fernando Valley (adweek). The ad features Jimmy Fallon with ½ the ad coming from Tweets (I4U news). Lincoln is trying to recover from a bad 2012 sales year. Will it adtract viewers thx to its road-trip experiences message? (USAToday) The key question is will the Lincoln auto ad do better at the SB than the Lincoln flick (worldwide box of $181 M, [boxofficemojo]) does at the Oscars? STAY TUNED! STAY TUNED!!

Mercedes-BenzONE 60 sec spot ad in the 4th Q. This year, M Benz will have one of the SB's most anticipated commercials. Super Model Kate Upton (and maybe rapper Usher) will celebritize this SB ad. It will feature its new auto Super Model, CLA, with a surprising price to attract younger adults. The automaker has released teasers that imply "smashing and hot" will happen. As a brand bonus for Mercedes the SB is being played in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome this year.

Toyota ONE 60 sec spot in the 1st Q. It is "Big Bang Theory" time! Currently, its 2 teasers feature actress Kaley Cuoco, a RAV 4 genie, who makes everyone's wishes come true ("wish granted",, The auto giant, is also, sponsoring the SB Postgame. (What will your wish be?)

VW – In 2011 the Darth Vader ad was Ad Meter's #3 ad (the highest rated auto ad, EVER). This year VW is trying to re-create its brand image (Forbes). Together with its owners and fans, it is using the social media to share individual VW road experiences (I4U news). However, VW's release of its game day commercial "Get in, Get Happy" has received much pre-game buzzzz (businessinsider). The ad has been called racist. While it is likely to do poorly in most ad evals, its pre g pub is amazing. What is it, that they say about receiving bad publicity?


 Pre-Game – It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without a SUPER L-O-N-G pre-game show. Pre-game coverage ready starts at noon on CBS with sponsors for each hour, Pepsi at noon, GEICO at 1, Kraft at 2, Century 21 at 3, Pizza Hut at 4, Mercedes-Benz from 5-5:30, and Disney's "The Lone Ranger" 5:30-6. NOW, it's time for the "Kickoff Show" sponsored by Hyundai. By sponsoring the KICKOFF SHOW Hyundai will get the aforementioned much coveted spot just before the SB starts.

 Halftime – This yr's SB ½ show is being sponsored by Pepsi. Beyoncé will be its main performer. A Pepsi ad will also show 50 pics of fans b-4 her performing ( These fans were selected from an incalculable # of pics submitted to the ½ (Did we mention about the Beyoncé mobile?)

Postgame – The SB "POSTGAME SHOW" will be sponsored by Toyota. In years past the SB MVP has received a car from GM (usually a Cadillac). No info has been released yet, about the MVP award this year. Will it be a Toyota mobile or will it be an unpublished brand. Don't bet on it!

Postgame Program – Indeed, we now know that the selection of the postgame program is a BIG DEAL as it has become one of best rated TV shows of the year. CBS' selection is "Elementary" a new show of Sherlock Holmes origin. Watch for those Nielsen Numbers, Sherlock!

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